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Program: Wednesday April 18, 2012

Updated 4/5

Plenary Session
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 | | 8:30 AM — 9:30 AM

Resource Sustainability In The 21st Century

Bioenergy In Northwest Region
Dennis McLerran, Administrator, USEPA Region 10

Valuing Ecosystem Services
David Batker, Earth Economics

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012 | | 10:15 AM — 12:00 PM

Ecosystem Services Valuation: Tools And Case Studies

Quantifying Ecosystem Services, Assessing Human Impacts
Robert McKane, USEPA Office of Research and Development (Invited)

Natural Capital Vs. Built Capital: Calculating Asset Appreciation, Depreciation
David Batker, Earth Ecomomics

Benefits-Cost Analysis of Ecological Landscapes
Michele Young, City of San Jose (CA) Environmental Services Department


Anaerobic Digestion Industry — Global, National Trends

Tracking Anaerobic Digestion Of Municipal Organics In Europe, U.S.
Luc de Baere and Norma McDonald, OWS, Inc.

Biomass And Anaerobic Digestion CHP: Lessons From The Northwest
Dave Sjoding, Northwest Clean Energy Application Center

Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas To CHP And CNG Vehicle Fuel
K. Henn, F. Ferreira, J. Coombe and C. Egigian-Nichols, Tetra Tech, Inc.
Joshua Proudfoot, Good Company
Matt Krumenauer, Oregon Department of Energy

High Solids AD At Vertical Urban Farm
Tom Gratz, EISENMANN Corporation


Commercial Organics Collection

"Retro" Approach Yields Cost Savings
Bart Carr, Central Contra Costa (CA) Solid Waste Authority

Food Waste Generator Audits And Analysis
Anne Brantley, Wastequip

Meeting The Challenges Of Food Waste Collection
Phil Holloway, Environmental Products & Services of Vermont, Inc.

Evolution Of A Commercial Organics Composting Program
Paul de Block, Portland (OR) Bureau of Planning & Sustainability


Biocarbon Management, Nutrient And Carbon Credits

Northwest Biocarbon Initiative
Patrick Mazza, Climate Solutions

Emerging Environmental Market Opportunities ? Transportation Fuels And Nutrient Recovery
Peter Weisberg, The Climate Trust

Nutrient Reduction Credits And AD Project Economics
Douglas Ross, Green Ground Law Group

Earning Carbon Credits For AD, Composting Projects
Joel Levin, Climate Action Reserve

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 | | 1:30 PM — 3:15 PM

Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES): 2012 Update
Danielle Pieranunzi, Sustainable Sites Initiative

SITES Soil Requirements And Credits
David McDonald, Seattle Public Utilities

Ecosystem Service Benefits of SITES Prerequisites and Credits
Ed MacMullan, ECONorthwest

Landscapers Or "Bio-Engineers"?
Ron Alexander, R. Alexander Associates, Inc.


Incentives, Financing For Digester Facilities

The State Of State Incentives For Digester Projects
Matt Krumenauer, Oregon Department of Energy

Biodigester Financial Feasibility Assessment
Nora Lake-Brown, David Paul Rosen & Associates

Life After Section 1603
Nadeem Afghan, BIOFerm Energy Systems

Developing AD Projects From Design-Build Perspective
Catherine Lewis, Entec Biogas USA


Residential Source Separated Organics

Residential Food Waste Collection in the U.S.
Rhodes Yepsen, Novamont NA

Rolling Out A Residential Program
Arianne Sperry, Portland (OR) Bureau of Planning & Sustainability

Servicing Residential SSO Programs
Jordan Trimmer, Pacific Region Compost/Republic

Building SSO Participation In Multifamily Program
Alexa Kielty, San Francisco Department of Environment


Sustainable Food Management

USEPA's Sustainable Food Management Initiatives
Ashley Zanolli, USEPA Pacific Southwest Region

Source Reduction Tool Kit
Laura Moreno, USEPA Region 9

Food Recovery Challenge: Grocer's Perspective
Heather Schmidt, New Seasons Market

Sustainable Food Management In Food Service Industry
Kirk A.Mustain, Bon Appetit at The University of Portland
Brendan Coffey, Oregon Convention Center/ARAMARK


Wednesday, April 18, 2012 | | 4:00 PM — 5:30 PM

Wastewater Treatment Plants As Energy, Fertilizer Centers

Protecting Public Health Through Resource Conservation
Sally Brown, University of Washington

Oregon Inventory Of WWTP Biogas Production
Thad Roth, Energy Trust Of Oregon

"Cut Through The FOG" Incentives For High Strength Organics
John Holtrop and Matt Criblez, Portland (OR) Bureau of Environmental Services

Coming Out Of The Water Closet ? Branding Biosolids
Kate Kurtz, King County (WA) Wastewater Treatment Division


Commercial Anaerobic Digester Developments

Stage Gate Approach To Codigester Project
Dean Foor, EC Oregon, LLC

Feasibility Of AD For SSO In Northern California
XiGuang Chen, URS Corporation

Lessons Learned At Regional Food Waste AD Plant
John McNamara, Environ Strategy

Mixed Organics Digester Project Advances
Dale Richwine, Columbia Biogas


Municipal Compostable Products Guidelines

Compostable Bioplastic Testing Protocols
Hillary Near, Cascadia Consulting Group

Regional Workgroup Guidance On Compostable Products
Justin Gast, Washington County (OR)

5:15 - 6:15 Special Event
Open Forum: Compostable Plastics Task Force



Lower Tech Wastewater,
Food Waste Treatment

Constructed Wetlands For Wastewater Purification
Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute

Community-Scale Waste Systems
Nancy Klehm, Social Ecologies

Food Waste To Resource In India
Peter Ash, Straight Ash Environmental Solutions