BioCycle West Coast Conference 2013 | Tuesday Agenda

Agenda: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Opening Plenary Session
Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | | 9:00 AM — 10:15 AM

The Sustainable Path Forward

Organics Road Map: A Pathway To California's Environmental Goals
Caroll Mortensen, Director, CalRecycle

Organics Road Map: A Pathway To California's Environmental Goals
Ashley Conrad-Saydah, Assistant Secretary for Climate Policy, California EPA

Wasted Food: Elevating The Dialogue
Dana Gunders, Natural Resources Defense Council

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Food Recovery & Recycling
Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | | 11:00 AM — 12:15 PM

Federal, State Bioenergy Policies

2013 Federal Bioenergy Policy Outlook
Ted Niblock, Turning Earth LLC

Strategies To Strengthen The Bioenergy Industry In California
Julia Levin, Bioenergy Association of California

Legislative, Policy Directives To Promote Biomass Power
Frederick Tornatore, TSS Consultants


Persistent Herbicides And Compost

Pesticides In Compost — A California Perspective
Brian Larimore, CalRecycle

Composting Industry Responds To Persistent Herbicide Contamination
Matthew Cotton, Integrated Waste Management Consulting
Neil Edgar, Edgar & Associates

Product Labeling And Stewardship
John Jachetta, Dow AgroSciences, LLC


Greening The Greenhouse With Biogas

Integrating Greenhouse Facilities With Dairy AD Bioenergy
Charles Egigian-Nicols, Tetra Tech

Tomato Grower Taps CHP For Power, Heat And CO2
Travis Dauwalter, GE Energy

Adding Greenhouse To Digester Facility
Alessandro Chiumenti, University of Udine, Italy


Moving Upstream: Food Source Reduction And Donation

Measurement — First Step To Wasting Less
Andrew Shakman, LeanPath

Source Reduction Tools and Toolkit
Laura Moreno, U.S. EPA Pacific Southwest Region

Food Donation: Debunking The Myths
Jim Larson, Food Donation Connection

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | | 1:45 PM — 3:30 PM

Sustainability In Beverage, Food Processing Industries

Zero Waste Strategies In The Beverage Industry
John Stier, Antea Group

Closing The Loop At California Brewery
Mandi McKay, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Bioenergy Potential Of California Food Processing Residues
Ricardo Amon, University of California

Managing ICI Food Waste Streams For Commercial-Scale AD Projects
William Deaton, Deaton & Associates, LLC
Juan Josse, Anaergia


Composting Emissions Control Strategies

Micrometeorological Measurements Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Composting Yard Trimmings
Kyaw Tha Paw U, University of California, Davis

Urban Composting: Pathways to Community Acceptance
Mary Matava, Agri Service, Inc.

Assessing Control Efficiency Of Positive ASP With Biofilter Cover
Chuck Schmidt, Emission Assessment Scientist
Tom Card, Emission Estimation Expert

Developing Biosolids Composting Facility To Comply With Air District Rules
Katja Christof, WL Gore & Associates


Anaerobic Digestion Of MSW Organics

Waste District Operation Of Dry Fermentation System
Jeff Lindenthal, Monterey (CA) Regional Waste Management District

Managing Separated Food Waste Streams At WWTP Digesters
David Parry, CDM Smith

Latest Developments In Toronto's Anaerobic Digestion Program
Ian Dickinson, AECOM Canada

Toronto's Urban SSO AD — Technical, Operational Considerations For Urban Digesters
Joerg Blischke, AECOM Canada


Community Food: Waste Prevention, Food Access

U.S. EPA's Food: Too Good To Waste Toolkit
Ashley Zanolli, U.S. EPA Region 10 andVeronica Pardo, US EPA Region 10 Fellow

Reducing Household Wasted Food Pilot
Karen May, King County (WA) Solid Waste Division

Residential Pilot With Food: Too Good To Waste Messaging
Matthew Krupp, City of Palo Alto (CA) Zero Waste

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | | 4:15 PM — 6:00 PM

Biogas To Low Carbon Fuels

Status Of California Anaerobic Digestion Deployment
Jacques Franco, CalRecycle

Low Carbon Fuel Standards Overview
Clark Williams, CalRecycle

Carbon Intensity Of High And Low Solids Anaerobic Digester Pathways
Kamal Ahuja, California Air Resources Board

Carbon Negative Fleets
Evan Edgar, Edgar & Associates, Inc.


Compost Utilization And Markets

Cities Improve Product Marketing With In-House Usage Programs
Ron Alexander, R. Alexander Associates

Compost Use in Bioswales: Maximizing Pollutant Removal While Managing Nutrients
Katrina Mendrey, University of Washington

Compost, Composting And Biochar — Evolving Industry In Pacific Northwest
David Sjoding, Washington State University

How State Fertilizer And Soil Amendment Rules Impact Product Sales
Ron Alexander, R. Alexander Associates


Anaerobic Digester Management

Comparison Of Hydraulic And Compressed Biogas Mixing
Rich von Langen, RvL Associates, Inc.

Boosting Biogas Efficiency Via Interactive Mixing
Jared Wray, KSB, Inc.

Enhanced Biosolids Pretreatment
Harry Simmon, OpenCel

NOx Emissions Control At California Dairy Digester
Seth Burns, Biogas & Electric

Quantifying Biogas Composition, Heating Value
Tilman Friz, Union Instruments GmbH


On-Site, Campus And Decentralized Food Waste Composting

Southeast Food Distributor Initiates On-Site Vermicomposting
Rhonda Sherman, North Carolina State University

Fine-Tuning Food Scraps Diversion On Campus
Ralph Dauphin, University of California, San Diego

Decentralized Community Composting Infrastructure
Noah Fishman, Highfields Center For Composting

Evaluating Composting At Contingency Bases
Michael Bryan-Brown, Green Mountain Technologies